Let's start the adventure

Let's start the adventure


Pricing, Booking, etc. is all available on that page.

Send me a message with any questions you might have!

I do my best to respond to emails within 24-48 hours.

If you do not hear back from me, check your junk folder or send me another message.


Do you offer extended family sessions?

I do not offer extended family sessions (grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins) - my style is more laidback, run & play & snuggle.....posing & saying cheese is not my forte, but I can recommend other photographers that offer this & do a great job.

What's your rescheduling policy?

If this wasn't obvious, my photography is all about highlighting the beauty of nature. If there's a potential for bad weather, too much wind at the beach, flowers not to their fullest bloom yet, etc. I am totally fine with, and even encourage rescheduling to make sure you have a perfect experience! I also know schedules get busy and things pop up last minute. I do my best at offering several rescheduling options and that's exactly why I don't overbook my schedule.

Why do I have to pay a deposit to book my session?

My evenings are very limited, and after 10 years of business I have many returning families that all want those evenings. The deposit tells me you're serious about booking a session and doesn't make me schedule a night for some one that might be a no-show. That's an evening that I could have given to a family that truly wants me to create some magic for them! Your deposit goes towards the total cost of your session though!

Will you travel to other locations?

I base most of my sessions around my land - what's growing, when the lighting is the best etc. It's my happy place that I love to share with my families (and only my families! These views are exclusively for you!)

I do offer sessions at the beach or an adventurous creek session.

If you have your own land or other location you would like to use, you can contact me to learn more.