Monday Mini Sessions

Monday Mini Sessions

Thank you for your interest in a Monday Mini Session.

Below is all of the info on these sessions as well as the opportunity to book your spot.

If you have any questions, CONTACT ME


  • Where: My land near North Collins | 30 minutes south of Buffalo & 45 minutes north of Fredonia

  • What's Included: 15 minute session & download/print release of all final edited images 15+

  • What Scenery: Mini session use whatever scenery is looking the best for that week. I do my best to give "what to expect" on each month listed below. If you are looking/hoping for a specific scenery, read the month descriptions, or send me an email. Some flowers might bloom sooner or later than expected based on the weather. I will also email people the weekend before the session with what I expect have for the session.

  • When: Select Mondays from May - October.

You will also find additional Minis that are scheduled around scenery that may only last a week or two (e.g. Cherry Trees or Sunflowers)

  • Who: Minis can be for family, maternity, children, couples, high school seniors.

I do not offer extended family sessions (grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, etc.)

I can recommend photographers that do offer this.

  • How to Book: Read the info below for what to expect each month. Select your month and find a date & time that works for you. Book the session and then you'll be emailed more info on the location, tips, outfit ideas, etc.


$125 due to book - remaining $150 due at the time of the session.

March & April

The earth is waking back up from a long winter - these sessions are meant to appreciate the warm tones of the earth & dramatic sunset.

These are not scheduled back-to-back, only one per evening so we can use these last moments of sunset to paint the sky.

Current dates are based around the forecast. I will add more April dates as it gets closer and I can see how the evenings are looking. If things change we'll reschedule to the next good weather day.

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Cherry Tree Sessions

This is my second year offering these - last year I started this with the idea of watching the trees & your family/children grow year after year.

Currently planned for mid-end of April. If the weather affects the timing of the trees blooming I will contact everyone that has booked to reschedule.

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May is great for appreciating the fresh new greenery, the flowering apple trees (mid-end of May), or the warm sun setting behind the pine tree row.

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June has the wisteria arch growing, blue cornflowers are popping up, and the pine tree background & view of the hills & sky are always reliable looks.

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The views of the green trees & sky are still a beautiful summer look - more flowers are blooming (including new ones I've planted last year and will have a better idea of when they will be blooming as it gets closer)

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Along with the looks of the previous month, Purple flowers, zinnias, and Queen Anne's Lace join the scenery options.

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This month will still have the cosmos & zinnias, but the beginning of the month is all about Sunflowers! The yellow goldenrod & purple asters start to put on a colorful show as well. By the end of the month some leaves may start turning colors.

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The rich vibrant tones of fall leaves is the star of the show this month!

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