20+ Acres of Fields, Forest, & Flowers

Located just 30 minutes south of Buffalo, NY & 45 minutes north of Fredonia, NY - I am so happy to offer this exclusive location to only my clients. Truly surrounded by nature, you will feel at ease letting your children run & play and letting your natural love & emotions shine through.

We have some beautiful parks in WNY, but having other photographers & families fighting forthe same picturesque spot is not ideal.

This also allows me the ability to create setups & grow flowers just for us!

There are fields of wildflowers as well as flower plots I specifically grow for photo sessions - sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, coneflowers, daisy, wisteria, lilacs, roses, lavender, and poppies to name a few.

I also have planted a row of Yoshino Cherry Trees which bloom white flowers each May.

You can find signups for these flower-specific mini sessions on my NATURE MINI page (coming soon)

Enjoy this gallery below of just some of the views available here on my land.

If you see something specific that you just love, let me know and I can guide you towards what time of year you should book your session to get that scenery.