Being outdoors & in nature is my speciality, but with the winters and cold weather we experience for so long in Buffalo & Western New York, having an in-home newborn session is still a beautiful option for you.

Not only because of weather, but just the comfort of staying in your own space during those first few days.

I remember the experience of bringing home a newborn - sleep is limited and the idea of having to leave home for hours for a session could be the last thing you want to do.

In-home newborn sessions can be an easier experience than you might think.

There's no need to have a Pinterest or IG influencer type of home.

A place to sit & a window with some nice natural light is all I need!

Here are some locations in your home that are ideal for your session.

A Window

I have stood next to windows in dining rooms, bedrooms, the sliding glass doors to the long as there is some nice light streaming in, that's all that is needed! We won't even see what's in the background, that there is a dog brushing up against your legs, etc.....just letting the dreamy lighting work it's magic.

A Bed

Snuggling on the bed gives some nice cozy vibes for your newborn session. Easy to pose the whole family, siblings, or just baby. It's a location that can do it all!

The Nursery

I am always so impressed with how cute these baby bedrooms are! That adorable decor makes for a perfect backdrop during the newborn photo session.

The Crib

I remember the first time I placed my first newborn in his crib. He looked so tiny in the space. I also remember how it felt like I blinked my eyes and he had outgrown it and was on to a big-boy bed. So, capturing just baby in their crib feels sentimental and just a cute way to capture some "just baby" moments.

A Chair

It could be a rocking chair in the nursery or a cozy arm chair in the living room. A great spot to use for parent & child, siblings, or sometimes just baby!

Newborn baby sleeping during photo session
Orchard Park mom holds baby during newborn session
Newborn photography session in Amherst, NY
In-home newborn photographer in WNY
Family Newborn Photo Session
Mom holds baby during Fredonia, NY newborn session
Sister holds newborn baby Grand Island NY photo session

A Blanket

For those baby-only images, I love to use your favorite blanket for baby....or something with some nice texture like cable kints, ruffles, or fur.

I hope this post has given you some insight to my in-home newborn sessions. Not much space is required. No need to have magazine-worthy home.

If you would like to learn more about my newborn sessions, just click below and let's chat!