Flower Field Info

Thank you for signing up for a 2023 Flower Field Session!

There is a lot of info below to help you have the best photo experience.

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions.



10646 Applewood Rd North Collins

I live at the end of a dead end road. When you come to the end of the road you will see two wooden posts,

drive past those onto the single stone driveway.

Right away you will see a driveway to your right, pull in here

(your gps might tell you to keep going farther into the trees…don’t do that)

** I know this is a random request, but please don't feel the need to be super early.

If you need to be a couple minutes early to change little ones into their outfits, that's fine....but 20-30 minutes early isn't needed.


1 - I plan session times according to the lighting for your location (and factor in a few minutes for finalizing outfits & hair) - if you are 30 minutes early, I'm just going to chit-chat and kill time because it's probably still too bright & harsh lighting.

2 - I often have sessions back-to-back and wouldn't be able to start your session earlier anyways.


I check my weather apps daily and am always looking ahead to the upcoming days.

If I think the weather will not be cooperative for the day of your session, I will be in contact with you a couple days prior to make a plan.

If we need to reschedule I will give you several options for a makeup date.


The remaining $300 balance is due at the time of the session.

*I can accept cash or check at the session

* Or venmo - @motherinnaturephoto (you should see the same profile photo as my social media pages)

* Or click the button below to pay with your credit card


*Photo Gallery Coming Soon*

What To Wear

*coming soon*

Session Tips

I’m going to keep this part simple

….The only thing i need you to do, is to enjoy the time with your family, and let me take care of the rest.

Don’t stress!

I always start sessions with the classic “Say cheese”….and then that’s over, no more looking at me and fake smiling.

I definitely will guide you through the session, giving ideas for natural interactions

”Hold hands and spin!”

”Go pick some flowers for mommy”


I really mean it when I say all I need for you to do is enjoy yourselves and have fun.

I always try to give my families and nice mix of images - the whole group, individuals, mom with kids, etc.

If you have a special request that you would like me to focus more on one thing, please let me know.

I’ve had moms say “I’m never in photos so i want the majority to be of me with the kids”

I’ve had some moms say “I just want a couple family shots and the rest to be candid moments”

….but no special requests are required….again, i will give you a nice mix of everything!