What is a Dream Session?

These are session ideas that I have dreamed up - maybe its a new location, using a beautiful dress I found, a different vibe, trying new editing, etc.

These are sessions that I know someone wouldn't email me and request.

For example - the photo at the bottom of this text section was a "Dream Session" that I envisioned - no one has ever emailed me to request a 5am sunrise maternity session in a pond while wearing a bathing suit, but it's still one of my favorite images I've ever created!

What is Included

*The time of the session - usually 30-45 minutes

* Download & print release of all final edited images (25+)


How to Book

Below are the list of current "Dreams" I have in mind.

If one of them interest and you match all of the requirements, click the button to book!

If you have any questions about the session, my "requirements", etc. please just send me an email and we can chat!


* For a couple that is willing to feel relaxed and romantic. Snuggling on the rocks while they dip their toes in the water. Playful splashing. Etc.

* I envision this as some tropical exotic location and would love a couple that's comfortable in bathing suits or at least showing some skin (maybe him shirtless and her with semi sheer linen beach cover up over bathing suit....or swimsuit with jean cut off shorts).

* Let's be real, most guys loathe the idea of photo sessions - please please make sure your guy is down for this idea - I promise I will keep it carefree and fun and the photo experience will be better for everyone if he's a willing participant.

* I would like to schedule this anytime in late May - June and a later afternoon/early evening time is best (4:00-5:30 start time)

* This location requires a 15 minute walk - it is on a path and easy, there is a hill to walk up on the way back.

* This is not the exact carriage that I have access to, but it's very similar.

* This session is for a mom and baby - ideally between 6 months-1 year - able to sit upright on their own but not a toddler that's going to want to jump overboard

* I envision mom in a beautiful romance type dress - ruffles, florals, etc. I envision some countryside path during springtime in England.

* For baby I envision a simple outfit, I always love a bonnet for that vintage feeling.

* I would like to do this session anytime once we get into May where there is greenery.

* This is my Nostalgia session, but at the beach during the daytime!

* I envision a retro vibe - glass pop bottles with a straw, playing volleyball, sand castle building. Just capturing that carefee-at-the-beach vibe

* Can be scheduled anytime May-August but late morning/early afternoon.

* Location will be at the amazing new bakery location for Blue Eyed Baker in East Aurora! Check them out on social media to see what I mean!

* I envision a mom & daughter (young, teenager.....maybe even grandma/mom/daughter) dressed up (think Breakfast at Tiffany's) or maybe in a more colorful fun vibe like bright pastel dresses. Just enjoying some beautiful desserts and drinks. This is not limited to just mom/daughter.....could be a family, could be mom & son....I'm just giving my starting idea.

* Creating a beach glowing goddess look with a mom-to-be. I envision a two piece swimsuit (or we could strategically use fashion tape to hold the robe in place) and just the glowing sunset sun shining thru this sheer fabric and show off that bump!

* Can be scheduled anytime once warmer weather arrives.