Beach Session Info

Thank you for booking a Beach Session!

I hope you find this info helpful, but please let me know if you have any other questions.


Wendt Beach in Derby

* You should be able to just put "Wendt Beach" into your phone map,

If for some reason nothing shows up, you could use

7596 Lakeshore Rd Derby.

Some people have said their directions either take them too far down the road or not far enough.

But just look for a huge field of soccer nets & a green wooden "Wendt Beach" park sign.

Once you turn into the long driveway, you will keep driving past the soccer nets, all the way to far back parking lot.

You will see a couple of old white buildings, a blue playground, etc.


The remaining $400 balance is due at the time of the session.

*I can accept cash or check at the session

* Or venmo - @motherinnaturephoto (you should see the same profile photo as my social media pages)

* Or click the button below to pay with your credit card


There is no other session that I think is as weather-dependent as the beach.

Most people only worry if it's going to rain or not....

I also watch for the amount of clouds in the sky & the windspeed.


High winds (usually anything 10-12+ mph) at the beach is going to mean wild hair & waves.

And I'm not talking about a gentle hair-in-the-breeze look....I'm talking straight back troll-style or whipping across your face.

Wild waves are also loud (and therefore hard for you to hear my instructions) and can be scary for little ones and they just want to be held the whole time.

I've had families say "I have older kids and we're fine with a wild look" and they loved the outcome.

I've also had people say they're ok with the conditions only to tell me mid-session "you were right, I guess didn't realize how bad this wind was going to be"


The other thing I keep my eye on, is the amount of cloud cover.

Most people book a beach session with visions of that amazing sunset seen in my photos.

But, if there are no clouds in the sky, it's just going to be a bright "blown out" white look...and as we get closer to sunset it will turn to a blue to orange gradient.

Clouds are what make the sky interesting & colorful.

Now, this one is definitely not always accurate.....but if it has the full sun icon or <20% cloud coverage, I can bet it'll be cloudless.

On the flip side....sometimes a high cloud percentage could mean huge beautiful puffy clouds, or it can be that full/gray sky/storm cloud rolling in look.

All I'm I'll be in touch with you before your session to give my beach weather prediction.

Maybe you're hoping for a stormy sky & wild wave look.

Maybe you want that cotton candy sky & smooth-as-glass calm water look.

Or, maybe you don't care what you get and that's part of the excitement!


This goes along with the cloud factor.

As you can see from the photo below, same family, four years night was full of puffy clouds and a medium level wind that brought bold warm colors and action in the water.

Our second session had no wind, smooth-as-glass water, and shades of cool colors.

You just never know, night-to-night, what the beach is going to offer.

Types of Beach Nights

Ominous grey skies & wild waters.


Water Interaction

As you can see, many families opt for getting in the water during their session.

Whether that means just up-to-the-ankles for semi-adventurous vibe,

or letting the kids full on jump & swim .

Or staying totally dry and remaining on land the entire time.

I leave this totally up to your comfort level!

I just recommend bringing towels & a change of clothes for the ride home so it's not full of shivers & unhappy kids.


I of course want you to wear whatever makes you feel your best and makes you the happiest when you look back on the photos.

My own personal opinion (if you want it) that the beach has a carefree, easy-going vibe to me.

I envision flowy off-the-shoulder dresses,

Linen or rolled pants,

Button-down shirts that are open or only a couple buttons,


To me, the beach is not the place for formal plaid button-up shirts,

or poofy lace dresses that would look better in a rose garden.

As mentioned above, you never know what colors the evening will bring you

vs. my field in October where I know it's going be to warm yellow/red/oranges every evening.

But it's safe to say that blues, grays, peach, pink will always look good!

And if I can make one selfish request, it would be try a neutral color other than white.

Maybe a very light stone gray or even an oatmeal color.

It's much easier for editing & also adds a little more dimension to the outfits.

Perhaps you've noticed in your own photos you've taken, but white can often look blue-ish or magenta-ish in bright lighting conditions.

I promise if you show up in white I won't jump back into my car and leave....if you find something white you just love, or it makes outfit planning easier, go for it.


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